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Specialized rehabilitation when you need it the most

Physical Therapy Session

For patients needing to recover after a hospitalization due to illness or planned surgery, our nursing staff provides medical and nursing care outside of a hospital. Our dedicated skilled nursing team includes nurses and certified nursing assistants who provide advanced wound care, respiratory services, IV antibiotic therapy, medication management and diabetic management & education.


Dedicated to enhancing your quality of life in a safe, caring and comfortable environment, Prairie Ridge's experienced team of doctors, nurses and therapists, work with you and your family to design a personalized wellness plan that ensures you reach your highest potential.


Our team of rehabilitation experts work together to provide a comprehensive, physician directed plan that will help each patient get back home. You can feel confident that our therapists will utilize the most current techniques and methodologies available to help you in your recovery. Short term rehab services are covered under Medicare & commercial insurance for eligible individuals and can also be paid for with private funds.

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